Removable floor vinyl sticker - Arrow 6 "x12"
Removable floor vinyl sticker - Arrow 6 "x12"
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Removable floor vinyl sticker - Arrow 6 "x12"

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Floor signage for effective physical (not social!) distancing. 

Vinyl sticker, anti-scratch lamination, very resistant and easily washable.

Dimension: 12"x6"

This floor decal easily adapts to any type of floor in shops, performance halls, businesses and all gathering places.

Our floor stickers are extremely durable. They have a non-slip mat surface even when the floor is wet.

Remind your clients to respect the direction of circulation in your establishment and to apply the government recommended safe distance.

The vinyl sticker is easily removed from the ground without leaving streaks and can be moved from place to place without hassle. Designed to resist trampling.

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